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With our Supper Double Drawn Human Hair Extensions, Expect fuller and thicker look throughout your hair.

100g + $150 for installation

Inch  Price 

20: $620

22: $680

24: $750

26: $790

28: $850

30: $850


200g Hair + $250 for installation

        Inches: price 

  • 20 $1200
  • 22: $1280
  • 24: $1350
  • 26: $1400
    28: 1530
    30: 1620

 What Method?

1. Cornrows 
2. Micro beads sew in

What hair do we use?

We will supply unprocessed Human Hair with cuticles aligned. Our hair is thick from root to tips with naturally ends. Each texture promises to be the best hair extensions you will ever try! This hair allows for easy and beautiful looking styles.

  • Raw and Unprocessed hair
  • 1 donor and double wefted
  • No Matting or Tangling
  • Flat and secure weft
  • Our custom wefts allow undetectable installations
  • Longevity: Will last up to 2 years or more 
  • Can be reinstalled up to 10 times
  • Hair can be coloured
  • Hair can be restyled


If we have to order a special color in for you, you will have to pay for installation 

Please send us a photo of your hair colour after you make a booking.

Every 100g takes 1+ hour to install this depends on your natural hair.

Please allow extra time as we don’t like to be rushed while installing your extensions. 

Due to shortage of space in our stores we strictly do not accept clients to be accompanied by a companion(s) on the appointment day to the salon.

Some Colours and Ombré has to be pre ordered or customised to match you hair.

Our installation can last 5-9 weeks depending on how you care and how quickly your hair grows.

How many grams/bundle do you need? 

100g is great for those looking to increase volume naturally.

How many grams you need for a full head?

If your natural hair is shoulder length and  you want to add more length to bra or waistline 200g is recommended. 
For the long and silky 30-34 inches hair: Get 200g for natural density and 300g if you like more than average hair.

  Things you should know about your extensions 

1. Are you looking to have fuller sides?

Most clients will want fuller sides; however, in some cases they already have long sides and don't want their wefts to end in front of their ears.

2. Are you a low pony or high pony girl?

Please let us know this as soon as we start your extensions 

3. Are there short layers on top that need to be concealed?

If you have a lot of breakage at the top of your head or shorter layers you're going to want your top row to be as high as possible to conceal all of the short layers underneath.

4. We will only blend your hair extensions with the ends of your natural hair because your extensions are most noticeable at the ends of your hair, so this is where it's important for us to blend seamlessly.

Deposit is required for all appointments at the time of scheduling to confirm and hold your appointment.

Deposits are not refundable and can only be used to pay towards your hair extensions.

On your appointment day, please get your payment ready as we take payment before we install your extensions. The deposit will be applied to your balance due. 

 Please wash your hair before your appointment.